Marth Tech: Sideb Drop

Description / How To Perform

Marth's first slash of Sideb will cause him to float temporarily, allowing him to gain horizontal distance in the air if he already has momentum. However, after an aerial Sideb if you land on any surface during the lag of another aerial attack your next aerial Sideb will not float, and will instead drop down. To "recover" the floating effect of Sideb, you can do any of the following: Jump and land back on the ground without landing during an attack animation, Wavedash, or Waveland.

Difficulty:    (Basic)

Usefulness: (Rarely Useful)

Extra Info

  • To optimally gain horizontal distance with Sideb when the pseudo-jump flag is active, you should stagger your Sideb inputs by 5 frames each.

  • Marth can also "lose" his Sideb float by grabbing a ledge after using an aerial Sideb. This can be used as an additional recovery mixup by using Sideb to regrab the ledge, and then ledge hopping onto the stage with a Sideb drop. This can be used against floaty characters at high percents for an easy Uptilt followup kill.