Marth: Prince of Altea

"If you will allow me, I can be your strength!"
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Full Tech-Skill List

A comprehensive list of the techniques available to Marth in SSBM along with descriptions, explanations, and details on everything - starting from the fundamentals to impractical swag maneuvers.

For newer players, please keep in mind that some of these techniques are either not important to learn, or generally useless in competitive play. If you're aware of a tech that is not listed here, or would like to contribute to this list in any other way, please let me know! Also, the names here are what I call these techniques personally. There are many different names for specific Tech in SSBM. Though very subjective (and just for fun) I've attempted to assign a difficulty and usefullness rating to every tech in this list. The ratings are on the following scales:


  • Difficulty:  (Basic)

  • Difficulty:  (Intermediate)

  • Difficulty:  (Advanced)

  • Difficulty:  (Expert)

  • Difficulty:  (Master)

  • Difficulty:  (Swordmaster Lord: Harbinger of 20BC)


  • Difficulty:  (Rarely Useful)

  • Difficulty:  (Occasionally Useful)

  • Difficulty:  (Generally Useful)

  • Difficulty:  (Extremely Useful)

  • Difficulty:  (Essential Skill)

Gifs and Webms

An easily searchable collection of gifs and webms to help with learning Marth - sortable by multiple different criteria, such as: characters, players, or stages. This collection will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back often!

Type Marth Player Stage Opponent Opponent Char URL
MovementPPMDPokemon StatiumArmadaPeachLink
MovementPewPewUFinal DestinationArmadaFoxLink
ComboN/APokemon StadiumN/AFalconLink
ComboArmadaFinal DestinationLeffenFoxLink
ComboOzaYoshi's StoryClueFoxLink
ComboTaiYoshi's StoryMedzFalcoLink
ComboColbolYoshi's StoryMikeHazeFoxLink
ComboSoraYoshi's StoryMattDotZebFoxLink
ComboLeffenFountain of DreamsJackFalcoLink
ComboDartYoshi's StoryMew2KingMarthLink
ComboQuaffFinal DestinationAlphicansFoxLink
ComboN/AFountain of DreamsN/AFoxLink
ComboMang0Fountain of DreamsAlex19FoxLink
ComboWestBallzFinal DestinationZarranMarthLink
ComboMew2KingBattlefieldThe MoonMarthLink
ComboMew2KingYoshi's StoryLeffenFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationN/ASheikLink
ComboMew2KingPokemon StadiumPPMDFalcoLink
ComboMew2KingFountasin of DreamsLeffenFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationLeffenFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationColbolFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationArmadaPeachLink
ComboMew2KingPokemon StadiumLeffenFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationChillindudeFoxLink
ComboDruggedFoxFinal DestinationLeffenFoxLink
ComboSmashG0DYoshi's StoryObiFalcoLink
ComboMew2KingFountain of DreamsPewPewUFoxLink
ComboMew2KingPokemon StadiumPPMDFalcoLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationKenMarthLink
ComboMew2KingFountain of DreamsLeffenFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationKiraSheikLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationLeffenFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationN/AMarthLink
ComboMew2KingFountain of DreamsSFATFoxLink
ComboMew2KingPokemon StadiumLeffenFoxLink
ComboThe MoonFinal DestinationHax$FoxLink
ComboMew2KingYoshi's StoryJmanFoxLink
ComboMew2KingPokemon StadiumSFATFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationThe MoonMarthLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationMang0FalcoLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationArmadaPeachLink
ComboPPMDFinal DestinationMew2KingFalconLink
ComboThe MoonBattlefieldMew2KingSheikLink
comboPazFinal DestinationN/AFoxLink
comboN/APokemon StadiumN/AFoxLink
comboReddFinal DestinationSethFoxLink
comboN/AFinal DestinationN/ASheikLink
comboPPMDYoshi's StoryMang0FoxLink
comboMew2KingFInal DestinationSFATFoxLink
comboPewPewUPokemon StadiumWestballzFalcoLink
ComboMew2KingYoshi's StoryLeffenFoxLink
ComboThe MoonYoshi's Story2ShadezFoxLink
ComboDruggedFoxFinal DestinationuuaaFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationChillinDudeFoxLink
ComboMew2KingYoshi's StoryIceFoxLink
ComboPewPewUYoshi's StoryChillinDudeFoxLink
ComboMew2KingFinal DestinationWizzrobeFalconLink
ComboMew2KingYoshi's StoryLeffenFoxLink
ComboZainYoshi's StorySmashG0dMarthLink
ComboSmashG0DYoshi's StoryLLODPeachLink
ComboZainYoshi's StoryFree BluntzFoxLink
ComboZainYoshi's Story2%SheikLink
ComboThe Moonon DreamlandLeffenFoxLink
ComboSmashG0DYoshi's StorySwedish DelightSheikLink
EdgeguardPPMDPokemon StadiumLuckyFoxLink
EdgeguardPPMDPokemon StadiumArmadaFoxLink
EdgeguardSlayerFinal DestinationLeffenFoxLink
EdgeguardMew2KingYoshi's StoryPC ChrisFalconLink
EdgeguardHypridFountain of DreamsLaudandusSheikLink
EdgeguardArcFinal DestinationBaddyMarthLink
EdgeguardMew2KingFinal DestinationStangoMarthLink
EdgeguardMew2KingFinal DestinationSFATFoxLink
EdgeguardMew2KingYoshi's StoryArmadaPeachLink
EdgeguardMew2KingYoshi's StoryAlex19FoxLink
EdgeguardMew2KingFinal DestinationSFATFoxLink
EdgeguardMew2KingYoshi's StoryN/AFoxLink
EdgeguardN/AYoshi's StoryN/AFalconLink
EdgeguardLeffenFountain of DreamsMew2KingMarthLink
EdgeguardN/AFinal DestinationN/AFalconLink
RecoveryMew2KingYoshi's StoryColbolFoxLink
RecoveryMew2KingFinal DestinationArmadaPeachLink
RecoverySmashG0DYoshi's StorySwedish Delight SheikLink
RecoveryN/AYoshi's StoryN/AFalconLink

Learning Marth: A Timeline

A time line that will help guide you through the daunting process of learning SSBM using Marth. Divided into stages, ordered by difficulty, and full of technical challenges. I have tried to make this process both fun and informative for players wanting to learn this game.

The timeline is divided into 5 stages, each of which is more difficult and complex than the last. It's focus is on learning techniques and their applications, but also covers various aspects of general strategy. Keep in mind that you don't need to master everything described in every stage before moving on. Feel free to jump around as you please, and learn and practice whatever you think you will enjoy and/or benefit from.

Note: Any challenge requiring multiple successful completions of a task can be assumed that they must be done consecutively.


A collection of information on playing against specific characters as Marth, based on my personal knowledge and experience. These are my own opinions, and are not to be taken as 100% correct. This section will be expanded regularly as I continue to play Marth and gain relevant matchup knowledge.

This section is likely to grow very slowly. I have extremely limited exposure against much of the cast, and I only want to formalize my thoughts once I feel I understand how I want to play a matchup.


General information about myself, this website, and how to contact me.

Who I Am

I'm STT_PureDrop - a software developer from South Carolina who loves SSBM. I don't consider myself an amazing player by any means, but I do know a lot. I'm a Marth main (if you somehow didn't already guess), but I also play quite a lot of Fox. Since I've started learning Melee I've been training and practicing almost completely in isolation; with the exceptions being my brother Seshiro and close friend Size14Gerudo who I play against frequently. I'll hopefully be going to tournaments and playing against much more players in the near future, and I look forward to improving.

This Site

For me personally the greatest difficulty when I was first learning Melee was a lack of centralized and accessible resources. As I learned new techniques etc. I started to write notes and descriptions to serve as my own personal 'Marth reference guide'. After a while I noticed I had a pretty large amount of information, some of which was easy to miss when learning. My motivation for creating and updating this site is to give players wanting to learn about Marth the resource that I wished existed when I was doing the same. I hope some of you find this site useful, and that I can give something back to the Melee community in thanks for all the great experiences it's given me.

If I get good feedback and people find this site useful then I could potentially do something similar for other characters, or even for Melee in general.

The meaning of "STT_PureDrop"

Many years ago I was spending a weekend with one of my brothers and a close friend. We were unpackaging airsoft guns we had recently ordered online. When looking through the instruction booklet we saw the most amazingly mistranslated sentence I have ever seen in my life. There was an image of an arrow pointing to a picture of the airsoft gun, and the following text (verbatim) was below the image:

"When the gun tube stem, use the plastics stick, stop the thing pure drop."

Reading that sentence was one of the most hilarious moments of my life, and has been an inside joke among my brothers and friends ever since. So to explain my tag...

Stop The Thing Pure Drop = STT_PureDrop