Marth Tech: Crouch Cancel

Description / How To Perform

By crouching before being hit by an attack you can drastically reduce the hitstun and knockback recieved, often allowing you to stay grounded. However, Crouch Cancelling doesn't lower the amount of damage taken, and doesn't work on certain attacks. Additionally, each different attack can only be crouch-cancelled if your character is below a certain percentage threshold. It's not vital that you know a huge amount of these percentage thresholds, but keeping a few in mind will help you out in the Neutral Game.

Difficulty:    (Intermediate)

Usefulness:    (Essential Skill)

Extra Info

  • Crouch cancelling is effective at handling both getup-attacks, and attacks from the ledge. Marth can crouch cancel and punish these options up to surprisingly high percentages against most characters.

  • Crouch Cancelling is particularly good when facing Sheik and Captain Falcon. It's pretty safe to say that these two characters tend to give Marth players trouble, and crouch cancelling is an essential tool for handling the matchups.