Marth Tech: Powershield

Description / How To Perform

Pressing shield to shield an attack very briefly before being hit will trigger a Powershield. Technically, it occurs when an attack's hitbox is inside your Shield-Sphere at the time your shield is raised. The effects of a Powershield are different for projectiles than other attacks. Powershielding projectiles has a slightly more unforgiving timing than for regular attacks, but will reflect projectiles back at your opponent. Powershielding a regular attack will grant you brief invulnerability, during which you can counterattack your opponent.

Difficulty:    (Expert)

Usefulness: (Generally Useful)

Extra Info

  • Powershielding is extremely useful against Falco lasers, especially when utilizing Standup Powershields.

  • Uptilt can be a powerful punish if done immediately after powershielding an attack, and this is the only method of using Uptilt out of shield.