Marth Tech: V-Cancel


Credit goes to Kadano for this Webm.

Description / How To Perform

When airborn and being hit by an attack, pressing L/R within 2 frames before colliding with the hitbox will reduce your vertical knockback by 5%. It's important to note that V-Cancelling will only work when your character is in certain animation states, which are listed below.

Difficulty:    (Master)

Usefulness: (Rarely Useful)

Extra Info

For a V-Cancel to have any effect your character must be hit during one of the following animations:

  • JumpF (first jump)
  • JumpB
  • JumpAerialF (second jump)
  • JumpAerialB
  • Fall
  • FallF
  • FallB
  • FallAerial
  • FallAerialF
  • FallAerialB
  • FallSpecial ("helpless" fall after up-b/airdodge)
  • FallSpecialF
  • FallSpecialB
  • DamageFall (tumble)
  • EscapeAir (airdodge)