Marth Tech: Teching

Description / How To Perform

During hit-stun/tumble in the air you can press a shield button before colliding with the ground or a wall to perform a Tech. This can be done up to at most 20 frames before hitting the ground, and timing your press correctly is important because inputting a tech prevents you from doing so again for 40 frames. If timed correctly your character will gain brief invincibility and bounce shortly before standing upright.

Holding either left or right on the analog stick while Teching will cause your character to roll in that direction instead of getting up in place. Teching left or right takes longer to complete than teching in place, but using all three of these options makes reactions/predictions far more difficult for your opponent.

Difficulty:    Dependant on Skill Level

Usefulness: (Essential Skill)

Extra Info

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Other types of Teching