Marth Tech: Shai Drop

Description / How To Perform

Shai dropping is a type of Shield Droping used to fall through a platform quickly during a dash. The most common method of doing so is buffering down between 1 to 3 frames before pressing a shield button while dashing.

There are a few different methods for Shai Dropping as well. What I do personally is rolling the analog stick from holding full left or right towards the 45% downwards angle on that side. This requires you to either be already holding Left or Right when initiating your shield, or for you to buffer Left or Right during Hit-Stun. Conveniently enough, you'll often already be holding either Left or Right on a platform while shielding, because shielding out of a Dash is common.

Difficulty:    (Expert)

Usefulness: (Extremely Useful)

Extra Info

  • You may want to use your Light Shield when Shai Dropping to avoid accidental airdodges.

  • To see full details on Shai Dropping, including all methods of doing them, there's a great smashboards thread describing the technique fully.