Marth Tech: Pseudo Platform Cancel

Description / How To Perform

To Pseudo Platform Cancel you must first slide off of an edge with very low velocity. Immediately after becoming airborn you must use an attack and then smash the analog stick back towards the platform. To make this tech even more difficult, your aerial attack must also hit your opponent or their shield. If done correctly you will perform the aerial attack, but land back on the platform.

Marth can Pesudo Platform Cancel the following attacks from a platform edge: Nair, Fair, Dair, Bair, and Upair . And the following from the ledge of the stage: Nair, Fair, Dair, Upair.

Difficulty:    (Master)

Usefulness: (Rarely Useful)

Extra Info

  • Pseudo Platform Cancelling can be done from some pretty unexpected situations. For example, it can be done from a PC Drop, or even from your opponent's model pushing you off an edge.