Marth Tech: Whispy Blink Grab

Description / How To Perform

Whispy Blink is a Dreamland specific glitch that affects Marth's Jab, Forward Tilt, Up Tilt, Down Tilt, and Standing Grab. Whispy, the tree in the background of the stage, occasionally blinks. Two frames before Whispy's eyes are fully closed, if you're in the animation of the attacks mentioned before then the attack will have strange behaviour. For all attacks excluding grab, this will cause Marth's sword hitbox to disappear. These attacks have no use - but if you perform a Whispy Blink Grab then you will have the grab hitbox of a normal grab but without Marth lunging forward at all. Meaning that a Whispy Blink Grab is safer, and therefore better, than a regular grab.

Difficulty:    (Swordmaster Lord: Harbinger of 20BC)

Usefulness: (Completely Useless)

Extra Info

  • There is absolutely no way that this is useful in practice.