Marth Tech: Boost Grab

Description / How To Perform

Shortly after inputting a dash attack there is a 3-frame window during which you can input a grab. If timed properly, you will perform the grab while still maintaining the momentum of the dash-attack.

Boost Grabs have the longest range of all grab options, and are useful in many situations, including tech chasing.

Difficulty:    (Advanced)

Usefulness: (Generally Useful)

Extra Info

  • The distance of a Boost Grab is determined by which of the 3 possible frames you input the grab on, with the third frame giving the greatest distance.

  • Marth's Boost Grab has ridiculously long range, and is actually the furthest reaching Boost Grab in the game.

  • Boost grabs can be used during a Sticky Walk, or Stationary Dash. Since a dash attack can also be done in these situations, this can potentially be used as a mixup.

  • Boost Grabs can give you a bit more leniency on your reaction time when reaction tech chasing an oppponent who Techs away from you.