Marth Tech: Swordsman Spike

Description / How To Perform

The Princess/Swordsman spike is a Peach, Roy, and Marth specific tech. It's a method of causing your next attack to knock your opponent at a different trajectory than usual. Specifically, if on stage it will send them straight slightly away and then straight down. If your attack knocks the opponent off-stage it will remove all vertical velocity of the knockback, but retain their horizontal knockback and hitstun. This turns strong attacks that have upwards knockback, into powerful spikes. Here is how to set it up:

Step 1: Press L or R to shield (for the best effect your shield should be decently small)

Step 2: Release shield by letting go of trigger or using jump, roll, or grab

Step 3: Counter one of your opponents grounded attacks

Difficulty:    (Intermediate)

Usefulness: (Essentially Useless)

Extra Info

  • For more details on this tech, and the reasons behind why it works, take a look at this reddit post.