Marth Tech: Edge Cancelling

Description / How To Perform

All regular aerial attacks (non B-moves) can be Edge Cancelled by landing very close to an edge/ledge and sliding off of it with your aerial momentum. This cancels the landing lag from the attack and allows you to act again immedietely.

Being consistant with Edge Cancels will make you considerably more dangerous on stages with platforms.

Difficulty:    (Advanced)

Usefulness: (Extremely Useful)

Extra Info

  • By facing backwards while edge cancelling a Dair on the ledge of the stage you can cover multiple recovery options at once. The Dair hitbox will cover barely landing on the stage, and your Fast Fall ledge-grab will cover an attempt at sweet-spotting.

  • Hitting opponents on platforms with an edge cancelled aerial (especially Dair) can lead to huge punishes. This is often easiest when your opponent lands on the top platform, allowing you time to react and prepare the drift needed to cover their Tech.