Marth Tech: Marth Killer

Description / How To Perform

Performing a Marth Killer is relatively easy: roll into the ledge, hold light-shield, and angle your light-shield down and towards the ledge. A recovering Marth that is low enough offstage has no option but to Dolphin Slash to the Ledge, or onto the stage. Unless they space and time their Dolphin Slash to sweet-spot the Ledge perfectly they will connect with your light-shield. Due to the properties of light-shield you will then fall off the stage backwards and very quickly grab the ledge, making the recovering Marth fall to their death.

If they choose to land on the stage, you will still grab the ledge and usually will have enough time to punish them with a quick aerial from the edge.

Difficulty:    (Intermediate)

Usefulness: (Occasionally Useful)

Surviving Marth Killer

The Marth Killer is particularly dangerous because it is easier to execute than to defend against. The first and most direct way to avoid a Marth Killer is to perfectly Sweet-Spot the ledge with your dolphin slash, thus avoiding their light shield. If you're high enough in the air, you can also hit their light shield with an attack before using Dolphin Slash, forcing them to grab the ledge early. A third method is recovering with an Air-Dodge onto the stage, bypassing their Light-shield completely. Which method you should use is situational, unless you can consistantly Sweet-Spot with Dolphin Slash in reaction to seeing your opponent setting up a Marth Killer, in which case it is often the best method for surviving this edgeguard.

Extra Info

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