Marth Tech: Moonwalk

Description / How To Perform

To perform a Moonwalk: Dash backwards while walking or at the end of a Wavedash, then quickly move the analog stick to ~45% down and away from the direction you dashed without passing through the center of the analog stick. Whether you rotate the Analog-Stick across the bottom notches to get to the angle, or make a more direct line without crossing the center, the key is to get there as fast as possible.

Although its practicality is limited, there are at least some ways it can be useful. It can be used to grab the ledge, or to throw off opponents in neutral for example. If you follow up by Sticky Walking it can be used to threaten long range followup attacks like Boost Grabs without fully committing.

Difficulty:    (Expert)

Usefulness: (Rarely Useful)

Extra Info

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