Marth Tech: Empty Pivot

Description / How To Perform

This method of pivoting goes by a few different names: Flicker Pivot, Perfect Pivot etc.. Regardless of name it is performed by dashing in one direction, smashing the analog stick to the opposite direction, and immediately releasing the stick to allow it to reset to its neutral position. Your goal is to be as fast as possible with inputting the dash and releasing the stick. If done properly you will halt your dash and be standing upright instantly.

Difficulty:    (Expert)

Usefulness: (Extremely Useful)

Extra Info

  • A large disadvantage of this method is that it's consistancy is dependant on how much the analog stick of your controller "snaps back" when released. However, this method is much easier than Perfect Pivots (assuming you're using a good controller), and since you can input an attack on any frame after halting your dash you have much more room for error.